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HDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line
  • HDPE Geocell Sheet Production LineHDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line

HDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line

In the realm of geotechnical engineering, our high-quality HDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line, proudly made in China, stands as a beacon of excellence. With precision engineering and meticulous craftsmanship, it ensures robust and reliable performance, meeting the stringent demands of geotechnical projects worldwide. Trust in our production line to deliver a superior and efficient solution for your HDPE geocell sheet manufacturing needs. Elevate your geotechnical endeavors with our advanced production technology.

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Product Description

HDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line Features:

1. It can stretch freely and can be folded for transportation. It can be stretched into a mesh during construction and filled with loose materials such as soil, gravel, concrete, etc. to form a structure with strong lateral restraint and high stiffness.

2. The material is light, wear-resistant, has stable chemical properties, is resistant to light and oxygen aging, and is resistant to acid and alkali. It is suitable for different soil conditions such as deserts and deserts.

3. High lateral limit and anti-skid, anti-deformation, effectively enhance the bearing capacity of the roadbed and disperse the load.

4. Changing geocell height, welding distance and other geometric dimensions can meet different engineering needs.

5. Flexible expansion and contraction, small transportation volume, convenient connection, and fast construction speed. That is to say, once the load acts on the roadbed, a tapered active area will be formed under the load, which will then be squeezed through the transition area, causing the passive area to bulge. In other words, the bearing capacity of the foundation is determined by the shear force along the slip line and the forces in the active, transitional and passive areas of movement. Not only can you clearly experience the true process of the above principles on sand bases, but you can also find such examples on soft base roads, but the rate of formation is slower than the changes on sand. Even better road base materials are still unable to prevent lateral movement. Generally, the roadbed of highways is several meters above the ground. It is not easy to absorb water and muddy the roadbed, but long-term settlement still exists. Investigating the reasons, rainwater penetration, material loss, and base sinking are some of the reasons. Under the action of long-term rolling and vibration of the wheel load, the lateral displacement of the material to both sides of the roadbed section is undeniably another very important reason. . Taking highways at all levels in various parts of our province as an example, you can clearly feel that an "S"-shaped groove belt has been pressed out of the road on the main carriageway of the road. Some expressways are no exception. The bumps experienced by a car driving on the carriageway are obviously stronger than the feeling of driving on an overtaking zone, especially at the road-bridge connection section (commonly known as "bridge jumping"). This groove-shaped roadbed settlement is a typical example of lateral slippage of roadbed materials.

HDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line uses:

1. Used to stabilize road and railway roadbeds.

2. Used to manage load-bearing embankments and shallow water channels.

3. Hybrid retaining wall used to prevent landslides and load gravity.

4. When encountering soft ground. The use of geocells can greatly reduce the labor intensity of construction and reduce the thickness of the roadbed. The construction speed is fast and the performance is good.

5. Used for the management of deserts, beaches, river beds and river banks

HDPE Geocell Sheet Production Line

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