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Seedling Tray Seeder Making Machine
  • Seedling Tray Seeder Making MachineSeedling Tray Seeder Making Machine

Seedling Tray Seeder Making Machine

Based in China, Eaststar is a prominent supplier of Seedling Tray Seeder Making Machines. These machines are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of nurseries and agricultural enterprises. Eaststar's state-of-the-art factory employs cutting-edge technology to manufacture high-quality equipment. Collaborating with trusted suppliers, Eaststar ensures the use of top-notch components, ensuring the efficiency and durability of their machinery. With a reputation for advanced technology and reliable production capabilities, Eaststar is a preferred choice for suppliers worldwide in need of top-grade Seedling Tray Seeder Making Machines.

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Product Description

Seedling Tray Seeder Making Machine

Our ZK-300 / 320 compression molding machine is a general automatic continuous compression molding machine, machine line including: feeding- - -heating molding- -composite molding- - - - -automatic cut off unit. It is mainly suitable for PVC  polystyrene (PS) polypropylene (PP) etc sheet and coil compression molding ; by replacing different molds, can process PVC, PE, PET, PP, PS and other plastic sheets into seedling plates, boxes and other plastic products.

Technical parameters

① Specification for width of sheet : 310~430mm , thickness: 0.15~0.9mm.

② Forming area (maximum): 400x600 square mm, working efficiency 10~18 times / min.

③ Power used: 380 volts 3-phase four lines , maximum power 13KW

Overall size (mm) : length 2800mm*width 950mm* height1500mm

structural characteristics

① The machine adopts the combination of hydraulic, mechanical and electrical appliances, so as to realize the automatic continuous work of material delivery, forming, suppression, and it can realize the adjustment of each procedure in the working process, high automation and production efficiency, and the operation is convenient and easy to learn.

② Adopt PLC setting program, touch screen (text) human-computer interface operation, can make automatic, manual conversion and adjustment, easy to operate, safe and reliable.

③ Adopt special chain with claw and conveying sheet, which is suitable for various concave and convex modes and has stable and reliable work.

④ The plastic heater is made with far-infrared ceramic heater and solid-state relay for point temperature control; and the constant temperature setting can play the effect of double control insulation and heating.Note: There are two alternative heating methods in our factory, <1> single-sided (top) heating, <2> double-sided (upper and lower) heating.Maximum heating power: upper heater 9 kW, lower heater 6 kW.After the equipment warms up normally and keeps a constant temperature, the power consumption can decrease by more than 40%.

⑤ Feed guide rail: adopt high quality aluminum alloy , the advantages of high strength, high temperature resistance and no deformation.There is a cooling water channel inside, so that it is not easy to damage the material in the feeding process, to play a good product cooling, fast shaping effect.

Standard mold Specification: (we also support customized non-standard specification size mold according to sample or drawings)

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