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​Performance and characteristics of hollow building formwork equipment


Performance and characteristics of hollow building formwork equipment

The hollow building formwork equipment is a brand-new product launched by our company based on the traditional 915mm single-output production line after continuous innovation and verification. It can meet the needs of large output and low energy consumption while maintaining the stability of product quality. Hollow plastic building formwork has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good toughness, high impact strength, small expansion coefficient, large plate width, few joints, smooth surface, no moisture absorption, no mildew, no cracking, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, and Acid-base, flame-retardant, can be sawed, nailed, welded, no need to use release agent, easy to demould, easy to assemble, high turnover rate, cheap, can be processed into any length and many other advantages, it can replace traditional bamboo glue board, wooden formwork.; And compared with traditional formwork, this product can be recycled and replaced with new ones, with a turnover of 30 to 50 times, and is cheap; at the same time, it can be combined with wood plywood, bamboo plywood, etc. during construction. The mixed use of material panels can effectively reduce construction costs and improve construction efficiency.

Hollow building formwork equipment

Performance and features.

1. Three-layer co-extrusion production line.

1.1A extruder: JWS150/35 (motor power 132KW)

1.2B extruder: JWS80/30 (motor 37KW)

1.3 Production line extrusion output: 900 sheets/day

2. Three-layer composite distributor.

2.1 Through co-extrusion of two extruders, the materials on the upper and lower surfaces of the product can be evenly compounded

2.2 The thickness of the rubber material can be flexibly adjusted according to needs

3. Multi-layer lattice mold.

3.1 The mold core adopts a three-layer square lattice structure

3.2 The internal flow channel of the mold adopts a double flow channel design to ensure the stability of material extrusion.

3.3 The upper and lower die lips can be fine-tuned to control the thickness of the product surface layer.

4. 3. Styling board.

4.1 The design of three forming plates can meet the stability of the product during high-speed production.

4.2 The innovative cooling channel design of the molding plate can effectively take away the molding temperature of the product

4.3 Uniform vacuum tank design ensures uniform internal structure and stable performance

5. Combined traction machine

5.1 Through the two-stage combined traction machine design, the flatness of the product can be effectively controlled

5.2 Can reduce the number of defective products produced at each startup

6. Automatic fixed-length cutting machine

6.1 Special cutting design can minimize burrs at the end of the product.

6.2 Improved saw teeth are used for PP raw materials, and sawdust will not adhere when sawing.

6.3 This product has an automatic length-fixing function, which is convenient for personnel to operate and has high cutting accuracy.

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