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​Application and development of plastic sheet equipment


With the recovery of China's economy, various high-rise buildings have sprung up, and the number of building formwork produced by plastic sheet equipment has increased dramatically. Traditional wooden formwork and bamboo glue formwork are national resources with low reuse rate, serious damage and cannot be recycled. Since 2000, excessive deforestation has caused natural disasters in many countries and attracted great attention from the international community. A new, environmentally friendly and recyclable plastic building formwork has emerged. Therefore, plastic sheet equipment has been recognized by customers for its high cost performance!

Plastic sheets have good water resistance. Even if it is completely soaked in water for many days, it will not be deformed due to moisture, nor will it rot or rust. Incompatible with cement and non-adhesive, it is easy to demould after construction and will not be deformed due to cement adhesion. The construction efficiency is high and the quality is good. The surface of the buildings built with it is smooth and flat, without the need for secondary decoration, saving processes and improving construction efficiency. Light weight and easy to construct. Long service life and reusable. The eventually damaged plastic formwork can still be crushed again and reprocessed into new formwork, saving resources and meeting the requirements of "green environmental protection industry". Good thermal insulation, which helps shorten the construction period.

Plastic sheet equipment can use templates and bamboo plywood. It has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, weather resistance, aging resistance and long service life. It can be sawed, planed, nailed, drilled, riveted, painted, and carved like wood. With its superior performance, it can completely replace wooden and steel building formwork. It can be widely used in indoor and outdoor building formwork, mobile houses, packaging boxes, cabin partitions of trains and ships, etc.

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