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Product advantages of Eaststar PS sheet production line


1.Quality assurance

Factory direct sales, quality assurance, and perfect after-sales service

2. Efficiency guarantee

Large-scale operation, fast customization and short construction period

3.Production guarantee

Directly produced by the factory, product quality is checked at all levels

4.Support customization

Support processing customization to ensure product quality

Basic parameters of PS sheet production line:

Model classification:

PP/PS single machine extrusion production line

PP/PS double machine co-extrusion production line

PP/PS multi-machine co-extrusion composite sheet production line

Host type:

The main machine can be a single-screw extruder.

Parallel twin screw extruder

Width 600-1220mm

Thickness 0.15-3mm

Output 200-1000kg/h

(There are differences in output between different models)

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