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What is the production process of ABS plastic sheet equipment?


The ABS sheets extruded by ABS Sheet Machine have smooth surface, beautiful color, high strength and toughness, excellent heat resistance and candle resistance, and have certain cold resistance, making them easy for secondary processing. Manufacture of deep expanded products, widely used in home appliances, electronics, packaging, toys and other industries. They can be used to make linings for refrigerators, washing machines, TV series, tape recorders, microwave oven casings and dashboards, and luggage materials for various suitcases and public transportation cases.

ABS is a plastic sheet that is formed by mixing, drying and extruding. This is because the three components of propylene cyanobutadiene in ABS are relatively balanced, and the extruded sheet is a special brand.

ABS sheets can be extruded through ordinary screw extruders, conical twin-screw extruders and vented extruders. If an exhaust extruder is used to produce ABS sheets, the raw materials can be directly put into the extruder for extrusion production without drying.

ABS plastic sheet equipment production process flow - ABS resin particles - mixing and drying - extrusion molding - three-roller calendering - traction - fixed-length cutting - packaging and storage.

ABS Sheet Machine

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