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ABS extrusion sheet production technology


ABS plastic sheet is a common plastic material, widely used in household appliances, automobiles, electronic products and other fields. In the processing of ABS plastic sheet, different processes can be used to obtain products with different properties. The following will introduce you to the ABS plastic sheet process.

First of all, ABS plastic sheets need to be pre-treated before processing. Pretreatment can help improve the performance and quality of the product. Common pretreatment methods include thermal drying and UV pretreatment. The principle of hot drying is to expose the plate to a high temperature and humidity environment, so that it absorbs more water and reduces problems such as warping during processing. UV pretreatment uses ultraviolet radiation to increase surface energy and facilitate adhesion and coating of other materials.

Secondly, ABS plastic sheet needs to be formed during processing. Common molding methods include injection molding, extrusion and pressing. Injection molding is to heat the ABS material to a melting state and inject it into the mold, which is formed under high pressure. Injection molding results in high precision and complexity. Extrusion is the ABS material through the die extrusion molding, the molding speed is fast, suitable for mass production. Pressing is to put ABS material into a mold, heat it and then use pressure to form it. Pressing is suitable for thinner plate products.

Finally, ABS plastic sheet needs to be post-processed after processing. Post-treatment can help improve the performance and quality of products, commonly used post-treatment methods include sandpaper grinding, hot sealing and so on. Grinding can make the surface of the product more smooth and bright, increase the quality of the product. Thermal bonding is the hot pressing of two ABS sheets together for bonding.

In short, ABS plastic sheet needs to undergo three stages of pretreatment, molding and post-treatment in the processing process. Different processing processes can obtain different properties and quality of products. Therefore, in the processing of ABS plastic sheet, it is necessary to choose the right process according to the actual needs to obtain better finished product results.

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