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Car PVC Flooring Extrusion Machine
  • Car PVC Flooring Extrusion MachineCar PVC Flooring Extrusion Machine

Car PVC Flooring Extrusion Machine

Eaststar, a reputable manufacturer in the industry, specializes in producing Car PVC Flooring Extrusion Machines. What sets Eaststar apart is their commitment to providing high-quality machinery at a competitive price point. The Car PVC Flooring Extrusion Machines manufactured by Eaststar are designed to meet the precise requirements of automotive PVC flooring production, ensuring efficiency and precision in every extrusion.

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Product Description

Eaststar high quality Car PVC Flooring Extrusion Machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in the production of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) flooring for automobiles. This machine is designed to extrude, shape, and process PVC materials into specific flooring profiles that are suitable for use in cars. It operates by heating and melting the PVC material, then forcing it through a shaping die to form the desired flooring shape. The resulting PVC flooring is known for its durability, resistance to wear and tear, and ease of maintenance, making it an ideal choice for automotive applications. This specialized machine plays a crucial role in ensuring the production of high-quality PVC flooring for use in vehicles.

Qingdao Eaststar has pioneered the development of state-of-the-art production machinery tailored for TPE automotive floor mats. This cutting-edge equipment incorporates a specialized production line that combines TPE with carpet or other textile substrates, resulting in a revolutionary composite floor mat manufacturing process. Notably, this innovation has earned national patents, signifying a significant breakthrough in the automotive interior materials industry.

At the heart of this advancement lies the utilization of a uniquely structured PTE screw, ensuring consistent plasticization. When combined with an exclusive composite technique, the end products demonstrate exceptional adhesion, effectively resisting deformation under tension and eliminating any concerns related to formaldehyde emissions.

This advanced machinery has gained widespread acclaim, finding favor not only among domestic suppliers but also internationally. Its success has transcended borders, with installations in countries including South Korea, Japan, Egypt, and more, attesting to its global impact in the automotive floor mat manufacturing sector.

Our company specializes in the production of high-end automotive interior equipment, PVC composite carpet equipment, nylon carpet tile equipment, needle punched carpet composite equipment, tufted carpet composite equipment, SBS carpet composite and other automotive floor mat equipment. Welcome to visit our company.

Car PVC Flooring Extrusion Machine

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